Vaseline: 11 Surprising Uses For Health And Home

Growing up, my parents liked to keep plenty of multi-purpose products around the house so that they would always be prepared.

After all, there are plenty of normal bathroom items such as Listerine that have a wide variety of alternative health and household uses. However,when it came to the jar of Vaseline that my family always had around, I never really thought it held all that much potential. But I was way wrong.

There are a surprisingly large number of creative uses for Vaseline. You can use it to hide split ends, rub it on yourfeet to prevent cracked heels, and even use it to stop squeaky hinges. I really never expected there to be quite so many uses!

Scroll through below for an exclusive list ofthe unexpected ways you can use Vaseline to benefit your health and home life. Each one is more impressive than the last!

Which of these incredible ideas have worked for you? Can you think of any other unexpected uses of Vaseline? Let us know in the comments.


Why Vaseline?


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Vaseline is great on minor cuts or chapped lips. But it also has a long list of other surprising uses. Why?

Vaseline is a type of petroleum jelly, which is a combination of wax and mineral oils.

These oils can be extremely beneficial to the body, but can also be used all around the house.

Keep scrollingto see just how many surprising ways there are to use Vaseline for health and home!

Surprising Use #1: Lather It On Your Feet


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It might seem bizarre, but putting Vaseline on your feet at bedtime can leave them feeling smooth and soft.

According to the Fashion Lady, all you have to do is “apply and massage some Vaseline to your feet, then put on socks and go to bed.”

This is particularly helpful for those who have become accustomed to having dry, cracked heels.

Surprising Use #2: Apply It To Your Hair


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If you are feeling embarrassed about your split ends, Vaseline may just be able to do the trick.

According to Beautiful With Brains, “Just put some Vaseline on them. It’ll seal them in and make them look like they aren’t there.”

While it won’t get rid of them permanently, it will hide them from the rest of the world until you wash it out in the shower!

Surprising Use #3: Wear It Under Your Perfume


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Looking for a neat trick to make your perfume last longer throughout the day?

Style Caster suggests putting a small amount of Vaseline on the spot where you normally apply perfume.

Then when you spray it on, it’ll last even longer than normal.

Surprising Use #4: Put It On Your Teeth


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Want a trick to make sure your teeth stay nice and white all day long? Look no further than your tub of Vaseline.

Cosmo writes, “A slick across your [teeth] can not only act as a protective layer against staining from what passes your lips, but also it can keep lipstick in place and prevent it from transferring onto your teeth.

“Either way you’ve got a whiter smile.”

Surprising Use #5: Rub It Around Your Nail Polish


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One pet peeve may be returning to your expensive nail polish to find that it has dried shut completely.

ButSeventeen Magazine suggests using a cotton ball or Q-tip to apply Vaseline around the neck of your polish bottle.

The next time you go to use it, the lid should come right off without any extra elbow grease.

Surprising Use #6: Dab It On Your Nose


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As if being sick isn’tbad enough, the pain of a raw, runny nose can seriously ruin your day.

But dabbing some Vaseline on the outside of thenose can stop the dryness and redness that comes from blowing it too much.

Just make sure to keep the Vaseline on the outside, as putting it up inside the nose can lead to certain forms of pneumonia!

Surprising Use #7: Apply It To Your Thighs


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Especially in summer, thigh chafing can be uncomfortable and even painful.

Fortunately, according to WebMD, a small amount of Vaseline can help cut down on the friction tothe skin.

Just make sure to clean and dry the area thoroughly before applying!

Surprising Use #8: Mix It With Sea Salt


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Want a body scrub that is inexpensive and helps heal as it exfoliates? Simply grab the Vaseline and some sea salt.

Mix two parts of Vaseline to every one part of sea salt.

This homemade scrub will moisturize and revitalize the skin while also removing any dead skin cells.

Surprising Use #9: Smear It On Your Shoes


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Whether your new sneakers have gotten scuffed, or your work shoes or heels are looking a little worse for wear, Vaseline may be just the ticket.

According to Life Hacker, Vaseline is great for getting out scuffs.

“Just dab a little bit of Vaseline on the places that seem rough and grazed, and make your shoes look as good as new!”

Surprising Use #10: Wipe It On Your Eyelids


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Now, you always want to be careful when putting anything near your eye, but Vaseline can be great for getting eye makeup off without having to scrub.

Simply apply Vaseline to the eyelid, and wipe away the makeup with a cotton swab or tissue.

Surprising Use #11: Lather It On Your Hinges


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If squeaky hinges are a problem on your doors or cabinets, a little bit of Vaseline will be able to quiet things right down.

You can coat the hinge in Vaseline right away, or for larger hinges, you can remove the hinge pin first, and then apply.

Which of these Vaseline hacks do you swear by? Can you think of any other uses for Vaseline? Let us know in the comments.

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