Unconscious Dog Nursed Back To Health After Owner Nearly Kills Him

For reasons completely out of reach for many of us, there are people out there who think that hurting animals is an OKthing to do, as if they aren’t living, breathing creatures.

Each and every day, harmless, helpless animals are harmed by cruel humans. Baxter is one of those dogs.

Baxter will never understand why his previous owner knocked him unconscious, but that moment changed his life for ever.

When Nebraska Humane Societyfound Baxter, he was limp and close to death. No onewas sure of his chances of survival, yet, this little fighter pulled through.

However, he suffers permanent, irreversible brain damage from his nearly-fatal blow. This means that he can’t walk in a straight line, or hold his tiny body upright.

While his physical state is tragic, this little pup will never go another day in harm’s way. Now that he is fixed up as much as doctors could manage, he gets all the love he could have ever dreamed of.

Thanks to the Nebraska Human Society, Baxter and so many animals like him get a second chance at life. While a future without animal abuse is sadly unlikely or very far off, at least there are organizations like this one that try theirvery best to right those wrongs that careless humans cause.

Maybe this happy ending to a sad story will inspire others to volunteer or work for organizations like this.

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