Photographer Snaps Photo Of Terrified Woman, Then Makes A Stunning Realization About Her Health

What onephotographer saw as a simple coincidence, another woman saw as awink from God.

An East Tennessee wildlife photographer named Sheila Trock was snapping a few photos of a massive 11-point buck readying to jump a fence.

What Sheila didn’t realize was that a woman who was standing nearby would make it into the stunning moment.

“There was a small group there, including this lady Mary, all taking pictures,” Sheila said. “I knew there was a good chance the buck would jump the fence, so I was all set up for it.”

Mary was watching the buck with a group, but as it leaped over the fence, shewas caught by surprise. Sheila snapped the reactionat exactly the right moment.

“I’m pretty sure she didn’t know what was going to happen, proven by the expression on her face,” Sheilasaid.”I didn’t know I had the photo of her and the buck in the same shot until I got home to review them.”

The photographer posted the images on Facebook, then sent Mary a printed photo in a frame. Sheilawas then blown away by Mary’s response.

Mary wrote a letter explaining her situation. She had suffered two stokes and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Doctors said her days were numbered and that not a single minute on Earth was guaranteed to her.

When she saw the buck, she felt it was a reminder from God, who had given her an unexpected extra year of life.

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