Orphaned Baby Flying Fox Is Carefully Nursed Back To Health

Did you know about this wild animal before watching the video? I certainly didnt! Recently, a flying fox named Rainbow was rescued after being abandoned as a baby. She might look small now, but just you wait shes about to get a whole lot bigger!

Theyre a type of bat, otherwise known as fruit bats, that can weigh over two poundswith a wingspan of more than four inches when fully grown. Thats a pretty humongous bat! But in this video, little Rainbow is still very small, as far as her species is concerned. Shell need all the healthy nutrients she can get from her rescuers before reaching adulthood, but shes well on her way to recovery!

Were big fans of all kinds of animals here at LittleThings, especially wild ones who are saved thanks to the tireless efforts of trained rescue workers. Im sure youve heard about Ma Dee, the senior elephant who was rescued from a lifetime of working in the logging industry. The injured loggerhead sea turtle holds a special place in my heart, as well.

Although I knew very little about flying foxes before watching a baby one being carefully bottle-fed, so to speak, its really inspired me to research bat conservation! Im excited to learn more about this truly majestic species and, of course, to share what I learn with all of you in the near future. Stay tuned!

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