One conservative on why the GOP health care plan might not be enough

Washington (CNN)Freedom Caucus member and former Chairman Jim Jordan said Monday that he was still unimpressed with the House GOP’s bill to repeal and replace Obamacare and had not seen significant enough changes to win back his support.

“We put our plan out there — and we put our plan out there weeks ago — and there’s three plans. …There’s the Cassidy-Collins ‘like Obamacare, you get to keep Obamacare.’ There’s this one, which I think in many ways is Obamacare by just a different format, and then there’s our plan, which I think is the one that’s entirely consistent with what the voters expected and what we told them we were going to do.”
Jordan said the answer had to be to bring back “affordable insurance for working-class families.”
“I think working-class families would much prefer to be able to purchase insurance than go on a government program,” Jordan said. “We want to bring back affordable insurance, and you don’t do it this way.”

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