Health care bill at House Rules Committee: What to expect

Washington (CNN)The Republican health care bill currently being considered at the House Rules Committee. It’s all part of a winding legislative process ahead of Thursday’s full House vote on the bill.

Here’s what to expect:
A “very long” hearing. This isn’t anticipated to go into the early morning hours or 27 hours like previous committee markups did earlier this month, but members — and reporters — should expect a full day.
    Will Democrats offer amendments? For now, little or none. Why? “This bill is so badly flawed that there’s no fixing it” is how a Democratic committee aide described it.
    But Democrats will speak their minds. Lawmakers will give testimony basically on how bad they believe the GOP bill is, and take as much as as they can. It’s part of their overall strategy Wednesday to highlight what they say are the flaws in the plan to repeal and replace most of Obamacare. Former Vice President Joe Biden is also on Capitol Hill Wednesday, for instance.
    Everything depends on Pete Sessions. Republican committee Chairman Sessions plans to be plans to be very generous with time, an aide said. Republicans want to prove this is an “open process.” An aide joked they might even physically open the windows in the committee room.
    So will these be the only amendments? Depends on what type of rule the committee approves at the end. A “Closed rule” means nobody can offer additional amendments on the floor, and if that’s the case, expect Democrats to throw a fit. An “Open rule” would allow for amendments and anything is possible.

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