8 Health Benefits Of Staying Up Late Every Night Owl Should Know

Most of the time, people dividethemselves up as early birds and night owls.

Early birds are people who get up in early in the morning to face the day, while night owls might have a harder time waking up in the morning, but love to stay up into the wee hours.

Historically, the common wisdom has been that early birds get more done, and that we should all try to get up earlier and beat the morning sleepies.

But as it turns out, being an early bird might not necessarily be better than staying up late at night.

In fact, studies have shown that their are some serious advantages to staying up late every night.

There are good things about getting up early, but there’s nothing wrong with staying up late either in fact, there’s a lot of proof that it’s great for you!

Scroll through below to see a few of the awesome benefits of being a night owl!

#1: It Might Mean Youre Smarter


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In the past few years, there have been substantial studies to suggest that people who stay up later might be smarter.

That’s not to say their aren’t plenty of brainiac early birds, jut that there’s a substantial correlation between bright folks and folks who stay up late.

It’s hard to say exactly why it’s true, but people with higher IQsare more likely to get bored and seek new experiences.

#2: You Have More Energy


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It sounds incredibly counterintuitive, but people who stay up later may have more energy.

Surprisingly, getting more sleep doesn’t necessarily line up with having higher stamina the following day.

It may actually have to do with how your sleep cycles line up; when you go to bad later, you wake at a more energetic and complete time in your sleep cycle.

#3: You Have More Time


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We all know that it’s tough to be productive in the morning.

So, if you go to bed a little later and wake up a little later, you actually feel like you have more time.

You’re more likely to be productive and complete projects when you get work done late at night.

#4: Your Sleep Schedule Is Flexible


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Having a flexible sleep schedule can come in tremendously handy sometimes.

There are definitely times where we all might like to be able to fall asleep earlier, but having a schedule that can ebb and flowis useful when you go through major scheduling shifts.

Night owls have an easier time adjusting to everything from jet lag to crazy interruptions of having a new baby.

#5: Staying Up Is Meditative


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There’s something incredibly soothing about staying up late; that’s something all night owls can attest to.

Maybe it’s because the rest of the world is sleeping, and everyone else is quiet.

You have a singular opportunity to be alone and at peace with the world.

#6: Its A Sign Of Creativity


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Just as staying up late is associated with intelligence, it may also be linked to creativity.

Artist have often done their best work late at night Salvador Dali even used sleep deprivation for inspiration and it may just be how they’re wired.

It may also be linked to the fact that they don’t let sleep get in the way of creative impulses!

#7: Waking Up Is Easier


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After a late night, it can be fun to sleep in until noon, especially if it’s a weekend and you don’t have plans.

But if you happen to take a late night during the work week, don’t sweat it.

Night owls have an easier time waking up as early as anyone, because of that same sleep cycle flexibility.

#8: You Have A More Mellow Temperament


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Mom would probably advise that staying up late will make you cranky in the morning, but that may not be the case.

Studies in the 1990′s indicate that, contrary to popular belief, early risers have higher levels of cortisol, the hormones associated with stress.

In other words, going to bed late might just make you a calmer person!

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