10 Ways Cats Are Actually Good For Your Health

For the proud cat parents among us, there are few things we know for certain about out our cat overlords. Their interests, their desires, and their moods generally remain a mystery shrouded by a perpetual look of indifference aboutour existence.

But thanks totwo of the Internet’s favorite cats, Cole and Marmalade, we may finally have some answers.These are, mind you, the geniuses who gifted us with a video comparison of all the wayshouse cats and big cats are the same, as well as a (perhaps not so sound) theory of why cats enjoy boxes so much.

Below, they provide us with 10 arguable reasons why cats are actually good for your health (contrary to the universally held beliefs of dog people). Surely you’re thinking, This cannot be. Everyone knows that cats are the biggest pains ever.(We love our cats, but they’re experts in driving us up the wall.)

Heartheir rationale out, because you may find yourself in agreement with at least one or two of their reasonable assertions. For example,everyone knows that laughing is good for your health, and you know who makes us laugh? You get the picture… Check out all 10 of these reasons below.

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